Cosplay Rant: APH! Ukranie Cosplay


Por fin salieron las fotos de  mi cosplay de Ucrania. La verdad tengo que mejorarle muchisimas cosas x___x aunque si tengo la mayoria del cosplay completo ese dia no me puse varias cosas: por el horrible calor de 40 grados que hacia y ni use maquillaje x___x porque me derretia y sudaba como puerco.

I finally got all the pictures from my Ukranie cosplay. I must say there is a BUNCH of stuff to improve x___x even though most of the cosplay is complete I simply did not wear it on the day I had to because of the heat x___x I was sweating like a pig and skipped my makeup and the blouse was not that appropiate but it was the best I could do to survive the 85° heat that day.

La verdad me sentia super fracasada. Todos los cosplayers del grupito iban bien impecables y soportaban el calor a la perfeccion. Yo era la unica nena que se porto muy poco profesional. Me entristece que haya resultado asi... porque era un grupal y una sesion que tenia mas de 6 meses de planeacion.

The truth is I felt super shitty. Every single one of the cosplayers on that session wore really nice outfits, fit the character like a glove and were standing the heat like pros. I was the only one being a brat about the heat. It makes me really sad that it turend out that way. This cosplay group was something I had been looking forward for 6 months. 

Mistah Russia Italia Version xD

Asi que decidi armar junto con el G8! (Grupo de cosplay de Hetalia) una sesion de fotos. De momento hay muchisimos viajes, proyectos, pasarelas, planes y otras sesiones que atender pero espero pronto podamos encontrarle una fecha a eso.

To make myself feel better I decided to organize a professional photo shoot with G8! (The local Hetalia Cosplay group) to do some justice to my cosplay. For now everyone has a lot of plans, trips, proyects, other shoots and stuff, but I hope we can settle for a date soon. 

Photo: Sí, amo esta foto :|... xD
Random pic xD

Que basicamente resume como me sentia. Todos bien integrados y super bonitos y yo excluida y bien chafa x___x

And this picture pretty much sums up how I felt. Shitty and left out while the rest of the group looked all pretty and got along well.

Conclusión / Lesson learned
 No me veo tan mal sin maquillaje pero me sienta mejor el lolita.
 I don't look like shit without makeup, but lolita is my way to go!

Agradecimientos / Special Thanks:
Mr Russia, G8!Hetalia, Mey Black (photos)

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